John Bowlby's Attachment Theory Essay

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Juvenile delinquency has been an issue of the society since the colonial era. During this period, juvenile offenders were made to serve the same punishment as an adult. When the Juvenile Justice System process came up, it sees juvenile delinquency as an act and not a crime. The Juvenile Justice System is an act by the States to correct juvenile delinquency. The program can be viewed as a collection of correctional styles introduced to juvenile offenders in order to solve and prevent certain eventualities from reoccurring.
However, this research paper is overview of juvenile delinquency, history and Juvenile Justice System/process. It also aims to use the John Bowlby’s attachment theory (maternal deprivation theory) to analyze the
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However the state can deny parent of total access to their child or children if it realizes that such parent is not up to the task of being responsible for their child/children. Also, the state may hold the parent responsible to bequeath delinquency to the child or children.
John Bowlby was a psychoanalyst and a child psychiatrist. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory had a great impact on his attachment theory. The origin of John Bowlby’s theory started after he graduated from Cambridge University in 1928. He was involved in a community service job at a school and his involvement with two children who were involved in series of offense and in actual fact has no motherly care at all gave rise to what he called developmental psychology (Ref to: PDF; The origins of attachment theory; Bretherton Inge).
John Bowlby believes that a child must be attached to someone and that person should be the mother. He discovered that if there is a bridge between the mother and child is at risk of being involved in criminal activities (Mcleod, S.A 2007. Bowlby’s Attachment Theory). He pointed out that the causes of juvenile delinquency

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