John And The Gospel Of Matthew

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Comparative Study Final Paper It is from the differences between the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Matthew that one can understand why the Gospel of John is not included in the Synoptic gospels. While there are many similarities between them, there are also numerous differences as well. In the next few pages, I would like to share some of those differences. Right away when one looks at Chapter One of each of these gospels, it is most noticeable from the start a difference in their opening prologues. Matthew begins with Jesus’ genealogy which leads up to His birth while John begins where all things, all creation began and that is in the beginning. As one would come to notice from the two gospels, the timelines, the time in which they were written certainly would have an impact on the writing style differences between the two. The Gospel of Matthew is speculated to have been written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem while the Gospel of John is speculated to have been written after the destruction. However, it is believed that a more acceptable time would have been around A. D. 85-90 which means that the Gospel of John was written after the last synoptic Gospels were written. Therefore, for this reason it may be that John felt more of a need to write theologically rather than chronologically, seeing as how the possibility of John having knowledge of the synoptic Gospels’ earlier writings may have influenced his writing style. If that was the case, then John may have saw no need to record Jesus’ genealogy and thought it best to focus on Jesus’s deity thus revealing that Jesus was in fact God in the flesh. The difference in the timelines would also have an impact on the culture of that time so the author’s audience w... ... middle of paper ... ...fe, as V Taylor suggests: “His [John’s] attitude to the narrative tradition is that of one whose main interest is not the details as they actually happened, but the abiding significance of the Gospel story.” Jesus’ death is portrayed as a glorious event, leading CH Dodd to make the claim that through John’s account it can be seen that it is the manifestation of God’s glory” (p.1). When we read the Gospel of John, we get a full of who Jesus Christ is. Apostle John reveals to the reader that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, in fact, He is God; the pre-existing, self-sufficient, eternal God, creator of all (John 1:1-18). Apostle John takes a no nonsense approach to ensure that the believers know Jesus Christ is the one and only one who can forgive sins and redeem man from his sin sick soul. Jesus Christ came to make atonement for man and to be man’s propitiation.

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