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The facts of this case involve Dave, who exaggerates his resume in order to get a job position. The facts from this case, seem to somehow imply that Dave did not have certain requirements and was thus obliged to exaggerate his facts in order to get the job.
2. What are the ethical issues?
The ethical issues are most certainly about right and wrong. Although Dave did not break any law,, the ethics of right and wrong state that “An ethical decision should made, not from a personal point of view, but on how it will affect those around you”
3. Who is/was affected?
Dave himself was affected, because firstly his exaggerations were compromised when his supervisor found out about his lies, the business itself too was affected in that they may have not hired the appropriate person for the job, and lastly other prospective job applicants (especially those more qualified than Dave) were also affected in that someone who exaggerated their resume go the job.
4. What are the possible alternatives?
The possible alternative here is that the organization does thorough review on all prospective employees.
5. What are the practical constraints?
The practical constraints are that, if Dave was doing well at his job, then the business would obviously want to keep him, and so can everyone else do that in the future?
6. What actions could be taken?
The first option is that Dave could be fired, and other employees who had applied at the same time as Dave, and be given second-time interviews.
The second option is that Dave, can be demoted and punished for his actions
The last option, is that the company could hire internally.
It’s hard to define all the ethical lines dividing what should and shouldn’t be included in a job applicant’s résumé, but sure step...

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...rvisors will look bad especially when he lied to get a job that he knew was not really qualified for. More, that harm accrues to the company as a whole, which would be bad for the company’s perfomance, considering that a payroll clerk deals with money, and any negligence in this area could cost the company on an unimaginable case especially if government authorities suspect foul play, that was caused by someone who never knew what they were doing.
Lastly, your potential future work colleagues also have a stake in Dave’s application for a job. If he claim, to have worked at certain places or possess certain skills, then it seems fair for his boss to assume he will be able to manage producing the work required of him. However if he cannot do it, then someone else on the team is going to have to step in and do your work for him When people finally get fed up with his
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