Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685 in the small town of Eisenach in Germany. He was born into a family of musicians that stemmed back generations. His father played the role of the town musician and court trumpeter for the Duke. Bach was instructed by his father at an early age to play both the violin and the harpsichord. Unfortunately, his father died when he was 9 years old, and less than a year after, so did his mother. Orphaned at age 10, Johann went to live with his older brother in a town called Ohrdruf, which was about 30 miles outside Eisenach. Bach's elder brother, Johann Christoph, was an accomplished organist and wonderful teacher. Under his guidance, Johann Sebastian became well-versed in both the organ and the harpsichord. Bach was quick to conquer the music he was given. He attended a grammar school in Ohrdruf, where he soon reached the top of his class. Many scholars at the school thought very much of his vocal and over all musical abilities. Due to these abilities, he became enrolled in the Michaelis monastery in Lüneburg. His wonderful soprano voice landed him a position in the choir, which he took in the year 1700. Because of his splendid soprano talents, Bach was instantly put into a select group of vocalists. During this time, Johann Sebastian was able to participate in many orchestral and choral performances of a range that many children of poorer towns were not accustomed to. As he grew up, his voice changed and he was no longer a soprano. However, he was able to continue to benefit his fellow musicians by becoming a harpsichord accompanist for the choir and by playing the violin in the orchestra. During that time, Bach was introduced to an organist named Georg Böhm, who introduced him to Hamburg's ma... ... middle of paper ... ...e Polish crown, Christiane Eberhardine passed away, which was thoroughly mourned by the "Lutheran Saxony". As a service was being held for her death, Bach composed "the Ode", which he conducted while playing a harpsichord with the other musicians. In the next twenty years, Bach spent much time on musical appointments, testing newly built organs, and assisting private establishments, all outside of Leipzig. He was also the music director in Cöthen and Weissenfels from 1729 to 1736. Bach continues to have many children during his time in Leipzig. All in all, he has 20 children during his life. Twelve boys and 8 girls, 9 of which die at early ages. Bach is one of the most recognized and appreciated composers of all time, from The Musical Offering to the Brandenburg Concertos. He continues to inspire many people even today, due to his skilled and artful compositions.
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