Joh John Brown: A Hero Or Hero?

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John Brown was an anti-slavery renowned abolitionist in the mid-1800’s. He was famous, or in other’s opinions infamous, for his violent roles in the Pottawattamie Massacre and the Raid on Harpers Ferry. He got his anti-slavery ways from his father. His first attempts to end slavery failed, but when he heard about “Bleeding Kansas”, he and his sons went to fight for a free, anti-slave country. His sons died heroically, and he was hung. I believe John Brown was a martyr who was fighting for an important cause.

John Brown was born around the 1800’s in Connecticut. His strong hate for slavery probably is rooted from his Calvinist father. When Brown could take action he did, he believed that God’s words led him. His first attempts at putting a halt to slavery failed, so he knew he had to bite back stronger than ever. Therefore, innocent pro-slavery blood had to be spilled to grab the attention of slaves, plantation owners, and slave supporters. It was the only way. The uproar that his violent acts caused was devastating, I would say he started the Civil War.
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He knew eventually he would die, either a hero or a traitor in people’s minds. But he also knew he would “die in faith” because he believed his actions were “God’s will”. He did not feel “degraded by my imprisonment, my chains, or prospect of the Gallows”, quoted in a letter to his friend Reverend H. l. Vaill. He even finished the letter cheerfully stating, “I send, through you, my best wishes to Mrs. W I and her son George, and to all dear friends.” John Brown knew that something had to be done about slavery in the South. I believe that if Brown wouldn’t have made such bold, strong actions, slavery may still be here
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