Jobs in America, edited by David Ramm

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The book Jobs in America, which is edited by David Ramm, is a series of articles put together by different authors describing many different aspects in the jobs in America. It describes the importance of good jobs, education related to wages, population size for a market, the relevance of people wanting to be their own boss, different classes in America, diversity in the workplace, gender differences, the biggest financial decision known as retirement, as well as many other factors. This book covers basically all the aspects of jobs in America. It gives many different views from different authors around the U.S on the factors that affect and are related to jobs in America. Jobs are very important everywhere you go. Working is the only way to make sure a person will have food on the table and a place to live. In some aspects, work is more than just a job. In fact, a job defines a person socially and economically. This book is about the many different ways work meets our needs. The first chapter describes employment growth in America. This particular article is written by Christopher H. Wheeler and it looks at the life of the American worker. It talks about the issues of salaries, wages, benefits, as well as outsourcing, and the age of the work place. Job growth is very important for America and is a concern of everyone. Wheeler states that “Job growth ranks near the top of the issues that Americans deem as important” (pg 50.) There are over “200 different industries” which include jobs like: “business management and consulting which pays about $26.04 per hour, computer and data processing which pays $26. 10 per hour, security commodity broker-age-investment companies paying $26.22”, and there is the other end of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...hoose to not work at all, and be able to travel the world and vacation as much as they want. Milton Charles explained his view best through this statement, “I envisioned just she and I hitting the road at our leisure. I’d like to feel I have that freedom” (pg 129). This book was very interesting because it explained many factors of jobs in America that are otherwise disregarded. A person never thinks about all these factors when choosing their occupation, but after reading this book I have realized just how much it goes into jobs in America. “The fluid paths many Americans follow over the course of their career also sets us apart from others” (pg vii). Our occupations define us as individuals so it is important to understand all these different aspects in jobs in America. Works Cited Ramm, David, ed. Jobs in America. Bronx, NY: H.W. Wilson, 2006. Print.

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