Job Satisfaction At Australia And The United States Of America

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Did you know people spend about 92,120 hours of their life working, meaning that people could spend almost half of their lifetime being unsatisfied with their job? Accordingly, job satisfaction is a very important concept to understand and assess in order to have a pleasant lifetime while working. Job Satisfaction can be identified as the employee’s positive or negative feelings towards their work, not referring exactly to the company they might be working for. A formal concept by the Cambridge Dictionary would state that job satisfaction is “the feeling of pleasure and achievement that you experiment in your job when you know your work is worth doing or the degree to which your work gives you this feeling.” Many types of research state the differing views about what an ideal contributor to job satisfaction in various companies across the globe might be. In this research, I will be analyzing two major research projects that help determine one of the top aspects that drive job satisfaction: one directed at Australia and the other in the United States of America. Each of these studies has different views and conclusions about the topic, but both of the studies empower the importance of job satisfaction for personal and organizational flourishing. Many studies have found the importance in understanding job satisfaction and applying it in the workplace. P. Spector in his Job Satisfaction: Application, assessment, causes, and consequences argued that individuals who are satisfied with their job report greater psychological well-being, life satisfaction, higher commitment and physical health. Job satisfaction is one of the goals many companies try to achieve as it is necessary when managers try to improve job performance which by defi... ... middle of paper ... ...growth and effectiveness of the organization by enhancing the well-being of the staff and the overall company. My conclusion for the Human Resource administrator would be to enhance the communication aspect of the business and be able to relate and create relationships with the workforce by listening to their needs and opinions and create a happier environment. Although many of the main reasons that drive job satisfaction can be out of the company’s control, the results demonstrate that all supervisors and managers play a huge role in promoting job satisfaction. As the study executed by the Society for Human Resource Management in the past and recent years determined that by developing a supportive relationship with the employees of an industry, individual leaders can have a great influence on a majority of factors that promote satisfaction in the job environment.

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