Job Responsibilities : A Security Guard

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Job responsibilities need to be precise because someone’s life could be in danger. “There are many different jobs and careers out there in the world. Some jobs require skills and training and others require an educational background. The career I am focused on would be a security guard. Being a security guard is something that challenges you to the extreme sometimes. This job isn’t something you can just pick up and want to do without thinking about how much you are risking your life for the sack of others. To understand what it takes to become a security guard you should look into the work environment, education, salary, and job responsibilities. Security guards are important to many businesses, providing safety therefore, it’s crucial to fully comprehend all the needs of the real world before entering this career field. Security guards work environment is important and just because you can’t see them physically doesn’t mean they are not watching. “Most information security analysts work for computer companies, consulting firms, or business and financial companies”. They analyze security within computers, consulting and through money. There are different types of security, just because you don’t see them in public doesn’t mean they are not a security guard. “Security guards work in a wide variety of places, including public buildings, retail stores, and office buildings”. They work in large areas in many different places in need of security. Not all companies require the same amount of expectations of security guards. Dillard’s may need different then Wal-Mart security. The work environment is important because where your job is stationed can be difficult depending on where you are stationed at. Sometimes it is hard for a secur... ... middle of paper ..., enforce rules on the property and deter criminal activity”. Security guards are protection of a certain property to make sure rules are not broken. Rules are always broken that’s why you have a lower type of law enforcement. Being a security guard is important to understand because it requires a lot of dedication and it’s not only your life that can be in danger. You should always follow procedures and pay attention to your surrounding because you never know when or where danger lies. Being a security guard can be difficult and challenging. It requires a good and healthy education to be a higher rank because of experience. This job is meant to be taken very serious because not only is your life at risk so are others. Security guards are all around you even when they do not physically appear in front of you. Education can also help with a better salary.
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