Job Positions In Pick N Pay

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The choice of the two advertised positions in Pick n Pay was based on the fact that they both have a direct effect on the quality of performance in the business. No business can survive without customers and both positions are related to customer care and customer satisfaction. Job number 1’s focus is to take care of the needs and wants of customers as regards product satisfaction. Job number 2’s focus is to take care of the customer as regards ensuring that the shopping experience is as pleasant as possible for the customer.
By focusing on a culture of pride in product, and employee development and performance, companies are able to deliver a quality experience to drive loyalty, which in turn leads to increased revenue and market position.

Specification of Job Positions in Pick n Pay

Job 1 – Floor Manager
A floor manager’s job includes a number of activities such as dealing with customers and employees and assisting with any issues regarding customer satisfaction. Floor managers need to have good communicative and social skills as they interact with people in the business on a regular basis. Floor managers also have operational responsibilities such as stock taking and re-ordering and they have a profound effect on the level of quality satisfaction customers receive from the business as floor managers are also responsible for recruitment and training of all new sales staff and are directly responsible for all interactions between customers and employees on floor level. Although no formal education is required for this position degrees in marketing, retail or sales management are often beneficial to the job. Practical and past experience plays a big role in the elimination process. No physical req...

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...r the employee is ready to be promoted to store manager and possibly regional store manager in the future. By following this internal method of promotion within PnP employee morale is heightened as *retention of staff is high and employees are encouraged to work to the best of the business’s advantage, as they have a sense of job security for the future and all have equal opportunities for promotion.

*Substantive discrimination in PnP‘s recruitment process.
Although PnP aims to provide equal opportunities for all in their business, there are some instances where discrimination of applicants is seen as acceptable as sometimes experience or personal circumstance of an applicant is more relevant and can provide for a better employee to fill the position. For example, a middle aged housewife who has experience in the kitchen applying for a job in PnP’s bakery will
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