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The Railroad Industry is a large industry with many possibilities that is still growing. It is a growing industry that has many options and allows you to help ship the nation’s cargo and best of all the job is well paid. There are many benefits during your job and after retirement. First of all the railroad industry has many different types of jobs each with it’s own requirements and expectations. If you were to become a Conductor you would need to “Accountable for the allocation of capacity in the train and the procedure of freight cars within rail yards and terminals that use remote control locomotive technology “ according to also known as FELA. This means that they are accountable for the for the loading of the railcars and their placement in the train. The remote control locomotive technology is useful because it saves money in building locomotives and can give the Conductor a better view of his train when operating it. Also required “is the ability to manage all actions of freight and passenger train staff” They also need ...

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