Job Design and Structure: Kudler Fine Foods

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Job Design and Structure: Kudler Fine Foods


Kathy Kudler the founder is driven to be successful with this initiative. She takes an effective part of the store operations. The diversity of Kudler Fine Foods was six months planning project before commencement. Kudler’s organizational structure is very personal, which is illustrated as a functional structure. A functional structure "clusters people with similar skills in a department" (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin 2002). Kudler illustrates this by simply having a different variety of departments that are apart of Kudler (including the store manager, department manager, specialty department worker, stock person, cashier and bagger. Kudler’s organization uses this structure for the President.

The President of Kudler is able to reassure that all departments are aligned and working to achieve the same goal. Gomez states, "The president integrates the activities of each of the departments so that each department’s efforts are aligned with organizational goals and objectives" (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin 2002). This paper will show how Kudler Fine Foods compare and contrast approaches to evaluating work related internal structures analyze the valuation of compensable factors of work and distinguish between skill and competency based analysis.

Compare and Contrast Approaches to Evaluating Work Related Internal Structures

Evaluating Work Related Internal Structures includes identifying the tasks needed to accomplish the job and its completion, link the job to a range of pay and skills sets needed. This is critical because employees will need to know and understand what the expectations are to get the job done and what the areas of opportunities are when it comes to improving the skills of current employees. This also applies to the annual performance reviews that most organizations provide to all levels of employees. This is a helpful tool for those wanting to move into higher positions and setting goals and training in place to take them there.

The downside to Work Related Internal Structures is the one standardized process may not always work in all areas. If each market has a different with the cost of living playing a large role on how much an employee will make, a universal standard across the board will not work so easily. In some cases, many companies will have process that will differentiate with the location of the job.

Analyze the Valuation of Compensable Factors of Work

Compensable Factors measures presents or likelihood of adverse working conditions, which in some case are unavoidable because of the nature of the job.

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