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Job Description • Activities involved in the job are clearly identified. XYZ Berhad has highlighted all the key descriptions of the job such as developing relationship with prospective customers, expands business with existing customers by promoting new products, and maintaining good rapport with customers by providing all the support they need etc, which ultimately are meant to meet the ‘bottom line’ of the job i.e. to achieve the individual and team sales target (KPI) set by the organization. Job applicants would have to ensure that they are comfortable with these duties and responsibilities and able to execute and complete them, before applying for the job. To help employees in the execution of the job, the job description requires them…show more content…
familiarity with technical terms, experience with equipment or tools, problem solving skills and etc). It could be because the job is more or less an entry level, thus a feel of selling would be sufficient as it has specifically mentioned ‘preferably’ a Senior Executive specializing in Sales, Marketing or equivalent, and obviously this is not a prerequisite. XYZ will be providing specially designed training/learning programs related to its specialized products anyway, so the skills will not be as necessary as most similar positions, but for mass-market products. The only skill stated and some more in bold, although the company still maintains it as an ‘added advantage’, is the ability to write and speak Mandarin (apart from English and Bahasa Malaysia) probably in view of the growing importance of Chinese market that will soon take over the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. This could be in line with the company’s objective to post a significant number of its sales personnel in China, currently one of the largest market for its products besides the US. XYZ Berhad has also made it clear that the job is available on full-time basis which can be interpreted that the job is also open to part-timers. It is likely that since this is a sales job, only those who perform and manage to achieve sales target set by the management will be considered for full-time employment with the

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