Job Data Collection Essay

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A) Job data collection :
There are five main methods of job data collections.
1) Registration
2) Questionnaires
3) Interviews
4) Direct observations
5) Reporting
Concept of job analysis : A job may be define as sum total of task, duties and responsibilities which is organised by individual employee. after define a job HR manager needs to under take job analysis. Job analysis is the begaining of recruitment and selection. It is an efficient procedure of gathering and contemplating data about the different employment in the association.
Process involved in job analysis :
For job analysis first of all need to identify the purpose of job analysis. Why it is required? For what purpose? who will do the job analysis and how they
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(Bruson J., & Foley, M., (2013) in managing people MGMT 304).Job analysis is the process of getting detailed information about job. Its an important for an organisation to understand and match job requirement and people to achive high quality performance (Noe, Mollenback, Aerhart, & Wright (2013) in HRM (8E) ).job analysis is the systematic process to identifying the task , duties and responsibilities of the job and the requisite knowledge skill and abilities required to perform the job ( Plessis A., & Wordworth R (2012) in HRM Oxfard press).job analysis is a systematic study, task, duty and responsibilities that are expected to be performed in a single job (Lepak D., Gowan M., (2010)in HRM managing employees for competitive advantage).Job analysis is a foundation of HRM but there are six main errors in job analysis 1) dispensing philosophy 2) emphasizing technology 3) situation 4) form 5)complex and 6) maintenance ( Liang, Melili ( Dec 2012 ) contemporary logistics).job analysis aids public organisations to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. work examination help to enhance execution of representative with the investigation of employment examination open association selecting qualified staff and impact work examination…show more content…
1) Employee Training : training is provided to the employee when job design done. It is a part of the job design.
2) Employee input : A good job design enable a good job feedback.
3) Work Schedule : Job design clearly identify the work hours of an clearly identify the numbers of hours an individual has to spend in their job.
4) Adjustment : a good job design allow for an adjustments for physically demanding jobs by minimising the energy spent during the job and by aligning the manpower requirement s for the

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