Job Characteristics Model Of Job Satisfaction

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When discussing manager’s role in creating job satisfaction, firstly job satisfaction attributes must be defined. This essay narrows down job satisfaction characteristics in four main categories, mentally challenging work, employee rewards, supportive work conditions (Robbins et al., 2013). The Job characteristics model explores motivation theory which explores job enrichment, autonomy, and feedback which can be useful for recruiting finding a potentially satisfied employee (Hackman, JR & Oldham, GR 1976). The Big five personality traits are useful for determining personality suitable for an organisation. Select the right employee will lead to job satisfaction.
Acknowledgment of theory’s which dispute the concept of job satisfaction as a
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Realistically pleasing everyone is not usually possible there are trade-offs, nevertheless, if a majority of employees can reach agreement what is reasonably reward in return for work performance, then managers can achieve employee job satisfaction. To prove the utilitarian argument Managers must select the right employees for the appropriate job role by a well-measured selection process in line with the expectation of the job design.

A theory framework known as the Job characterises model created by J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham(Hackman & Oldham 1976). The Job characteristics model has five dimensions. The first three validate job enrichment; Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance. Then last two indicate leadership and development; Autonomy and Feedback. By analysing employees and potential employees managers can look at creating an effective job design which gives employees enrichment, autonomy and feedback(Robbins et al.,
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Today 's global work environment has contributed to the complexities of workplace job satisfaction through cultural diversity, casual workforce, and reduced permanent workforce making satisfaction difficult to achieve(Wilkin, CL 2013). Some job role is undesirable due to the task, pay, shift times, and hours will always have a high turnover of staff would take a job to help support themselves until better job proposition is discovered. Some employers are low resources may lack the ability to offer a well-rounded job value proposition package which matched their competitors. Skill shortages bring chanagers for managers when competiting firm are competing for talent which is challaning among high technical skiled

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