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Job Analysis: Appraisal The job analysis is a source used to heighten an organizations understanding and improve performances. It is a critical piece of information that can reveal hidden truths about an employer and their employees’. Although, some people or organizations challenge the process, it is needed to maintain structure and order. The job analysis not only provides stability, but direction and knowledge of the employees’ position in an organization, which can make performances easier to achieve. The organization that has an understanding and direction as to how to apply a job analysis is sure to conquer all odds and discrepancies. The correct strategy will help employers and employees overcome and improve the job analysis process. Process to Determine Jobs Needed To Address Company Growth The processes to determine the job needed is as follow job description, job evaluation, and job specifications. The job description is needed, because it explains how and why a position is performed. It involves the task and or requirements of the current position. The job description usually has a job title, explanation of the tasks, and machinery involved, and in some instances reveals information about the working conditions, as well physical environment, social environment, and conditions of employment. The job evaluations are needed and works sort of like inventory. An evaluation process is based on job analysis that reveals the worth or value of a particular position. The job evaluation for some organizations determines salaries for the created positions, which plays a pivotal role in most companies. The job specifications are a detailed description of job duties and task. A complete description of a job, gives candi... ... middle of paper ... ...iability focuses on stability and consistency of the measures given in the organization. A criterion must be reliable, because many times organizations need this to make important decisions. Sensitivity is how a criterion should be in order to determine if an employee is effective or ineffective. The performance can identify his flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. A strong criterion will give confidence in the employers and ensure them that the needs are being met. Practicality is a set of criterion in which everyone can relate to, understand. Employers need to have procedures available for employees, access to information to make important decisions. Fairness encourages the just and reasonable actions for everyone to abide by. Fairness is a way to make sure everyone remains on one accord. If employees do not receive fairness it becomes difficult for everyone.

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