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1.0 Introduction

GS Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd set foot in Singapore in 15th September 1995 and was operate as a subsidiary company of GS Caltex Corporation formerly known as LG-Caltex Oil Singapore Pte Ltd with an approximately 4000plus employees working in countries like Singapore, Korea, London and China. It is engaged in trading of petroleum products such as petroleum, petrochemicals, base oil and lubricants. (“GS”, 2005)

2.0 Job Analysis

Job analysis refers to a procedure that gather all the information regarding the task, abilities, responsibility and working environment of the jobs in order to put together a job description. (Heathfield S.M, 2017)

Title: Crude Oil Operator at GS Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd

2.1 Job Description

Job Description is about a written testimony of a job analysis that include duties, purpose,
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The objective is to increase on the company’s profit and constant development.

2.1.2 Tasks

As a crude oil operators, you will be doing deal slip and terms in exports contract and liaises with agents or other company operators. Company will also send you to our refinery and head office for training purposes. This training will help assist you by progressing your skills and advancing your career as a trade in future. Being a trader, you will have to meet clients frequently as to sell your cargoes. Making sure that the company is making profits or not losing any money.

2.1.3 Duties

1. Compare the contract with the deal recap, deal slip and terms in exports contract and reflect all the details.
2. When there are terms not in favour of the company after consulting with the head office, request for amendment.
3. Timely declaration
4. Forward the draft from head office and check the details.
5. Appoint STS service
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