Joanna Mackay's Article: The Legalization Of Organ Sales Will Save Lives

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Organ Legalization Will Transform Lives

How many people would we save if in that exact moment, we would legalize organ sales? In Joanna Mackay’s essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” she discusses the positive effects of legalizing the sale of human organs. Thousands of people try to find a perfect match of something that can give them years and years more of life. A match for the right heart, the right set of lungs, a kidney, and so why how come there is a barrier of uncertainty? So many people die in this world but yet seek for a chance to survive and fight the good fight. It seems inevitable but it’s the truth. Lives should be kept alive not diminished even if there is the slightest chance of survival rate. Mackay clearly explains that legalizing organs can save thousands of lives. But at what cost is the donor willing to go? In Mackay’s essay, legalizing organs would be a beneficial act, in which it would save lives, great way to
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In Mackay’s article, “the selling of organs is morally wrong and violates the dignity of the human person”. Most likely, this statement was believed by a healthy individual not in need of a vital organ to save their life. We often think that morals and ethics apply to our daily lives but when fear gets in the way of all of that, what do we stand for? How can we face death with a straight perception if we know a way to keep us from dying? Some might say that it is immoral and that the sales only benefit the rich. Mackay explains how “it only helps the rich but exploits the poorer people of third world countries”. If a person is going to such extreme measure, would it be moral to be done out of the goodness of their heart instead of the reason to gain a certain lump of money? With all of that said, we always hear a saying that “you cant put a price on your life” but in this situation, Mackay clearly proves
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