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Joan of Arc Through all the hardships and blood, Joan of Arc was a fierce warrior and led the French to complete victory. Starting out in a maiden village, and more of a shock for being a woman, Joan completely transform herself and France. Advancing in a year and a month, crowned a reluctant king, rallied broken people, reversed the course of a great war, and shoved history into a new path (Richey 1); Joan made a name for herself. No one can ever suppress what she achieved at such a young age. Joan of Arc (Jehanne Darc) was born January 6th, 1412 in a little village of Domremy, France. She grew up as a faithful Catholic and a sweet, respectful maiden girl. According to a prediction, a young maiden girl would save France and sure enough Joan would be that girl. Starting at age twelve, she began having visions of different Angels and hearing voices from the Saints and God himself. And with these orders, she made a sacred promise to always stay a virgin and disobeyed her father even though he warn her not to be influence by this craziness. By the time she was nineteen, she was up on trial for claims of witchcraft even though she saved France. Throughout her adventures, she inspired others and showed she was no different even though she was a girl. Throughout each situation, the voices and visions helped Joan on what she had to do. Whenever she wept and felt hopeless, they helped bring her to her feet. This encouragement build up much self confidence in Joan as a fearless leader. With this gift, Joan used it to help convince the church and the captain of Vaucouleurs, Robert de Baudricourt, she was chosen to help save France and have Dauphin Charles VII crowned King. Once given the permission, she was given armor b... ... middle of paper ... ...his during WWI, her name was invoked by Allies on battlefields to pay tribute for the inspirational leader Joan became to be. Joan impacted France and the world by creating a national consciousness that never existed before and became a personality cult that embraced all who looked up to her. She made a absolute stunning moral impact to everyone, no matter if they were against the fact she has a special gift, by all her military victories and the patriotism and devotion she gave, which also helped all her soldiers believe in themselves. Joan hauled all the wrecked mess from these people in France and brought back a hopeful future and renewal embrace. Not only the battles Joan won for France and bringing alive a great King, but she will be remembered for her excellent leadership, even when she was shot down, and fighting and dying for what she stood for.

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