Joan Dylan's Life: The Life Of Joan Baez

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The life of Joan Baez starts in Staten Island, New York City, NY. She was born on January 9, 1941. Baez was part Mexican and Scottish and thus no stranger to racism. Bob Dylan’s story begins in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24th, 1941. However, Dylan’s real name was Robert Allen Zimmerman. Dylan and Baez were both Folk singers and rose to stardom in their respective ways. Baez started her musical career as a vocalist in the Folk genre and was an integral part in keeping the genre alive in the 1960’s. Because of the discrimination and racism that Baez faced growing up, a lot of her songs were devoted to social and political reform. Not only a singer and songwriter, Baez was well known as a social activist. Dylan, also a folk singer and songwriter…show more content…
It was in New York that Dylan would record “Song to Woody”. This song was devoted to his Idol, Woody Guthrie. Shortly after the release of “Song to Woody”, 19-year-old Dylan would meet Joan Baez for the first time. Baez, who was already crowned the “Queen of Folk” (Corbett 1) was not amused when she first heard Dylan. However, by 1963, two years later, Baez was blown away. Dylan had matured as a singer and was developing into quite the songwriter. Dylan had evolved as one of the most prominent singers of his time. The most fascinating thing about Dylan and Baez was how close they became. Through their success on stage, they became known by many as the King and Queen of Folk. They grew so close that they were one of the most talked about couples of the 60’s. As I mentioned earlier, Both Baez and Dylan felt it was their duty to sing and song write to reform different aspects of society. The powerhouse duo teamed up around 1964 and performed a duet together of “With God on Our Side”. This once again highlighted what would become one of the most popular partnerships. Putting all of this into context, none of this would have happened if It wasn’t for Baez giving the young Dylan a

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