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Andrew Beccia Ms. Setser English 9H 31/3/2014 J.K. Rowling’s Path to Success Think about what it takes to become famous, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to finally succeed and the path is never easy especially in J.K. Rowling's case. Rowling had to get back on her feet after years of poverty, grief, and moving. J.K. Rowling overcame poverty by changing locations, careers, and her outlook on life. Rowling's life after high school was planned by her parents, who forced her to go to college for a degree in French, and when she graduated they pushed her again to go into something she never liked, Secretary School, and she did it against her own feelings. Even though her dream was to be a writer ever since she was six, when her little sister Di loved to listen to her stories but, didn't want them changed so Rowling wrote them down, such as her first story about a rabbit named rabbit; even though she dreamed of becoming a writer she didn’t want to upset her mother who had been “diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) a few years earlier and had recently been getting weaker and weaker”1. Rowling felt very connected to her parents, besides being their daughter they supported her reading and loved reading as well so she grew up very close to her parents which is why she did what they wanted her to do instead of doing what she wanted. Being a bilingual secretary was not a very well-paying job so when Rowling went out into the world on her own to work, she didn’t find work well in fact for the next few years she held a series of low-paying part time or temporary secretarial jobs while she lived with various friends from her college, Exeter, then for two years she worked at Amnesty International, where she researched human right v... ... middle of paper ... ...aby which sent their marriage into a downwards spiral, they started fighting until one fight when Jorge dragged Rowling out and locked her out of the house with the baby inside with him, she had to leave again and she took her baby to her sister’s house in Edinburgh, Scotland and she felt better but she couldn’t get a secretary job because it would not pay for Jessica her baby so she went to school for teaching French and thought things were starting to look up and then she finished her book and it was published and she was very happy. Rowling strived through all that pain and poverty to finally overcome and publish the dream that she had since she was six. J.K. Rowling over came poverty throughout her life and didn’t give up she kept on pushing towards her goal, and so can anyone if they work hard and dedicate themselves to something, can overcome any obstacle.

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