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Jim Thorpe Imagine being handed all the wrong cards as a child. From the beginning of his life, Jim Thorpe had to learn how to be strong and overcome. Stricken with poverty and living in the heart of Indian territory, he was able to achieve his dreams and then some. These things transferred to his athletics to make his family and the entire Sac and Fox tribes proud. Through hard work, determination, and overcoming many tragedies, Jim Thorpe became the greatest athlete of the 20th century, and his legacy even continues today. Jim Thorpe’s life started like most Indian childrens’ did, in Indian territory. He and his twin brother Charlie were born to Hiram and Charlotte Thorpe in a small cabin on the banks of North Canadian River near what …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how jim thorpe learned to be strong and overcome poverty and overcoming tragedies to become the greatest athlete of the 20th century.
  • Narrates how jim thorpe's early childhood was filled with endless swimming, fishing, and hunting. his schooling was sidetracked when his brother charlie was stricken with pneumonia and smallpox and died in march.
  • Explains that thorpe had many accomplishments in his sports career, from track to football to baseball, even though many tragedies found him along the way. after his first season at carlisle, he left and played semi pro baseball for rocky mount in 1909.
  • Explains thorpe's life after his athletics was strenuous, filled with tragedies and many occupations. jim married iva miller in 1913 and had a child two years later.
  • Opines that thorpe's death was a tragedy, and the fight for his legacy began after he died.
  • Explains how jim thorpe became the best athlete of the 20th century, despite all the hardships and obstacles thrown his way.

He attended Haskell Junior College, but always dreamed of playing for Carlisle Indian School, so he took a train there and joined the team. Thorpe demonstrated his track-and-field abilities by easily winning multiple events while attending Carlisle, he eventually went into Olympic training in 1911. He also joined the football team at Carlisle, and his place kick accuracy earned him All-American honors (Harty). Once again, the flow of Jim Thorpe’s life was interrupted when he received news that his father died from blood poisoning (Cutler 4). He was to far away to attend his own father’s funeral, which hurt him deeply. After his first season at Carlisle, he decided to leave and play semi pro baseball for Rocky Mount in 1909. Thorpe went on to win gold in the decathlon and the pentathlon in the 1912 Olympics (Harty). Unfortunately, his medals were stripped because he played semi pro baseball prior to him winning his Olympic …show more content…

In 1952, he suffered his second heart attack, and on March 28, 1953, the famed athlete’s heart gave out (Harty). Thorpe’s wife wanted him to have a proper burial and memorial, but Oklahoma could not raise the necessary funds. Pennsylvania’s Carbon County would agree to give Thorpe a proper burial as long as they could name their town Jim Thorpe for tourism (Smith 34). As it is today, Jim Thorpe the man is buried in Jim Thorpe the place - though the man had never been to the place while breathing. The fight still continues for where Thorpe should rightfully be buried between relatives of his two different marriages

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