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The finding of the New World by the European explorers made many problems for the American Indians. The first time meeting of southeastern American Indians and Europeans was the exploring of Hernando De Soto in 1504. There were many people affected by diseases coming from the Europeans spreading through the Indian villages. Throughout the next two centuries more white settlers came, and the native cultures acted to pressures by adopting the foreign ways to deal with their problems.
After the American Revolution was over the Indians got more problems. Such as the forming of a general policy of getting rid of the unwanted inhabitants. Also there was a National policy made to move Indians west of the Mississippi River, which is said to be the most culturally problem of that era. Plus there was the problem of them found not to be guaranteed equal protection under the law and could not prevent whites from attacking their lands. These problems caused them to be driven from their homes then being put into internment camps, and then being forcefully moved to a strange land.
The situation of the Cherokee got more complicated after the States Rights issue and a long fight between the federal government and Georgia. Such as, Georgia ceding its western lands were they wanted all titles of land that was heard by Indians to be extinguishing, but this did not happen because the Cherokees were certified by a treaty. When gold was found on Cherokee land the effort of removing them from their lands was increased. Then in 1830 the congress passed A Indian removal act that directed the Executive branch to make an agreement for Indian lands. The court’s decision was refused by President Jackson plus the legal technicalities, so the Cherokees seemed to...

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...ans. Then there was the forming of the general policy. Plus there was the states right issue and the disagreement with Georgia and the federal government. Which then there was the Indians being forced by the American West to plains and valleys of American into reservations. So in my opinion there were many unfair and ungrateful problems during the Trail of Tears for the American Indians.

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