Jim Crow Laws of Segregation

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Imagine feeling you were treated poorly because of your looks, interest, race, or color of your skin? Then you know what it is like to feel segregated. It had segregated people and therefore made them unequal citizens. It is part of the past and something the Unites States has to learn from. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Jim Crow Laws were used to segregate the races in the country. Individuals were affected by the Jim Crow Laws in their social lives, educational opportunities, and heath care. Jim Crow Laws continued the cycle of segregation. They were laws that colored people had to live by so the white population would not get angry about colored people gaining their freedom. They were important to colored people because they were being cheated of their freedom, they were equally important to Southerners who wanted to make sure that colored people knew their boundaries and that they did not deserve to be free. “Jim Crow” “a minstrel character popular during the early 1820’s, is the namesake of an American system of discrimination and segregation” (“The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow”). A man named Thomas Dartmouth Rice came up with the skit “Jim Crow” as an overly exaggerated, stereotypical black person. It gave white audiences a certain stereotype that black people were portrayed as singing and dancing fools. As the minstrel shows grew in popularity the term “Jim Crow” was used to call out blacks it was not as offensive as most, but similar to the common phrases such as “coon” and “darkie”. Eventually it became known with the laws that were with segregation. Jim Crow Laws affected many African American social lives. During the times of the Jim Crow laws, African Americans could barely leave their houses or walk ... ... middle of paper ... ...racial segregation in public schools violated the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which says that no state may deny equal protection of the laws to any person with its jurisdiction” (“Jim Crow Stories- Events”). This started a chain of events desegregating many facilities. During the hard times of the Jim Crow Laws many colored families and individuals were affected in their social live, educational opportunities, and health care. Even though the Jim Crow Laws have been outlawed, there are still places in America were there is tension and hidden segregation. Works Cited “Jim Crow Laws.”21 Apr. 2014. “Jim Crow Stories – Events.” 22 Apr. 2014 “The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow.”21 Apr. 2014.
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