Jim Braddock and The Great Depression

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Franklin Roosevelt said, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on,” and it directly relates to the Great Depression. People thought that because of this huge downturn that they would not survive but they had to “tie a knot in their rope,” and continue to try and survive. The great depression was a time of horror and failure. The giant Stock Market crashes of the 1930’s triggered this major blow to the nations economy. This major devastation also leads many families into terrible poverty. In the movie Cinderella Man the main character Jim Braddock went through a ton of devastating events in his family during this time. Jim is an easy person to relate to and we see in the movie what his life was like during this time, which was like a lot of other average Americans during the depression. Even though American hasn’t had another economic disaster quit like the Great Depression year 2010 is having many similarities to the 1930’s and if we don’t start to try to change around the economy we soon will have a world of economic disaster too.

The stock market crash had a colossal contribution to the Great Depression. The stock market crash rolled in after the golden time in the 1920’s; with it came the Great Depression trailing right behind. The stock market crash was caused by people investing in stocks with money they did not have, this was called buying on margin. When the stocks fell everyone lost an enormous amount of money that they had invested into the stocks. The stock market was the main cause that forced American into the Great Depression. The stocks were a towering success until the collapse; the crash forced many Americans into poverty because they had to sell almost everything they had to repa...

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...tter poverty. The depression affected millions of Americans and I got to really feel what they went through when I watched the movie Cinderella Man. Jim Braddock the main character of the movie went thorough tough times; he lost his job, couldn’t support his family and witnessed loved ones being lost to the Great Depression. Going through all this just made him a stronger man. This gargantuan mess was all created because of the Stock Market crash of the 1930’s. This was a time when the huge stock market fell to the ground. The crash hurt so many American families including Braddock. Even though the Great Depression ended a while ago there are similar things that happened in the Great Depression that are happening in 2010. The Great Depression ruined many people, America needs to learn from their mistakes and make sure ruination like this never happens again.
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