Jews in Germany between 1922 and 1945

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Jews in Germany between 1922 and 1945

For hundreds of years the Christian religion in Europe has blamed the

Jews for the death of Christ. They called them ‘Christ-killers’.

This is known as anti-Semitism in today’s world it means hostility

towards or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic or

racial group. Even in England in the thirteenth century Jews were

treated like individuals they were made to wear yellow stars as a

symbol that they are a Jew.

Holocaust is the term describing the Nazi annihilation of about 6

million Jews (two thirds of the pre-World War II European Jewish

population), including 4,500,000 from Russia, Poland, and the Baltic;

750,000 from Hungary and Romania; 290,000 from Germany and Austria;

105,000 from The Netherlands; 90,000 from France; 54,000 from Greece.

The Holocaust was unique in its being genocide—the systematic

destruction of a people solely because of religion, race, ethnicity,

nationality, or sexual preference—on an unmatched scale. Along with

the Jews, another 9 to 10 million people were murdered these included

Gypsies, Slavs (Poles, Ukrainians, and Belarussians), homosexuals, and

the disabled.

The hatred for the Jews was growing by the end of the Twentieth

Century in countries such as Germany, Poland, and the Ukraine were

often the population of Jews was large. Fights would break out between

the citizens of the country and the Jews sometimes this happened on it

own but other times the government deliberately encouraged it in a

hope to drive the Jews out of there country. In Germany the Jews were

the blame for many economical problems, they were blamed for the

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...from where he handed out guns and grenade. He

also put petrol in the camps disinfector so when they were turned on

quite humorously the whole camp set alight. Fifteen guards were

killed and 150 Jews escaped.

When the war ended, millions of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals,

Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, and others targeted by the Nazis, had

died in the Holocaust. The Jewish dead numbered more than 5 million:

about 3 million in extermination centres and other camps, 1.4 million

in shooting operations, and more than 600,000 in ghettos. (Traditional

estimates are closer to 6 million.) Heavy pressure was placed on the

victorious powers to establish a permanent haven in Palestine for

Jewish survivors, so the establishment of Israel three years after

Germany's defeat proved to be another after effect of the Holocaust.
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