Jewish: The Diploma Project Analysis

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The author asserts herself the task of describing the Jews in a positive way. It can meet with a feeling that many societies consider Jews as enemies of the humanity. Antisemitic movements trumpet negative rumors about controlling large countries by the Jews. According to them, the Jews took control over the mass media in order to spread the Jewish propaganda and to show the only information which is relevant to the public. Furthermore, they consider that America has become a tool in the hands of the Jews to rebuild the state of Israel and to the enrichment of the Jewish community. They also claim that the whole world is financially dependent from the Jewish nation. All of these statements lead to the fact that Jews are hostile perceived by other nations. The idea of this thesis is to show that the Jewish community largely contributed to the development of the culture, the politics or even the finances of America as well as that the Jewish community is a role model for other societies. The diploma project consists of three chapters in which there are developed the main issues with...

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