Jewish Art Heirs Demand The Return Of Masterpiece Stolen By Nazis

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Jews lost a disturbing amount during Hitler’s time of power, with the most important being six million friends and family members, but they also lost everything they owned. They lost furniture, money, gold, and ever so valuable art. There have been plenty of organizations that attempt to get the art back to the Jewish community, but there is still more to be done. The Jewish art was stolen by the Nazis to be sold, or put in Hitler’s private collection; international government support along with integrity from museums, buyers, and sellers will bring justice to the situation and return the art to the original owners or their families


Most people know who Adolf Hitler was, but not many understand the scope of his evil. Hitler grew up in Linz (Chesnoff 27) and unlike the Jews, Art was one of his obsessions (Marks, John). With that combination, he had set out to steal or force the sale of the Jew’s art. Hermann Goring acted as Hitler’s sidekick; he was also in charge of Hitler’s Luftwaffe (Zagorin, Adam). Both Hitler and Hermann had taken the liberty to keep some of the art. Hermann Goring at one point had added stolen Jewish art to his private collection making it one of the largest private collections in Europe (Zagorin, Adam), and Hitler had looted sent to Linz where he planned on building an art museum (Chesnoff 27).

Nazis looted art from Vienna. (Chesnoff 38) all the way to the Western World where Hitler’s forces had either stolen or forced the sale of 20% of the total art (Zagorin, Adam). 21,903 quality works of art were taken from the French Jews; the largest single shipment to Hitler Reich was totaled at thirty-five freight wagons (Chesnoff 144). Some Jews made it easy when they left art as they fled from the ...

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