JetBlue: Leadership with Wings

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1831 words

JetBlue: Leadership with Wings "To continue to bring humanity back to air travel." This is the promise JetBlue Airways Corporation has made to its shareholders, customers, and "crew members" in order to build a strong, solid and rapidly growing company. JetBlue uses two significant tools that drive its success: low fares and superb customer service. This growing discount airline works to keep its costs down and implies this goal by offering one-class service and eliminating airport lounges and full meal services. JetBlue relies completely on technology with an operation strategy of choosing less crowded airports located near large cities to keep its turnaround down. In addition, JetBlue offers leather seats, LiveTV (a satellite service with programming provided by DirectTV), and began adding XM Satellite Radio to its fleet in 2005 to stress customer value. According to our chapter, the Service Value Model has six components that focus on customer value. The quality of JetBlue flights is a perception based on the expectation that the customers have before they actually try out the service. The comfortable leather seats along with the discount price, for example, are a perception that the customer has towards this airline, but value is created when the customer expectation is exceeded. Another component adding value to JetBlue is Intrinsic Attributes. This airline chooses its supplementary service very carefully; as mentioned earlier the full service meals are eliminated, how... ... middle of paper ... ...ient use of strategy. With this said, it is understandable when Neeleman says that "you can be efficient and effective and deliver a great experience at the same time." Bibliography 1- CIO Magazine. JetBlue Skies Ahead. 1 July 2002. 2- CBS News. JetBlue: Flying Higher? 18 June 2003. 3- Red Orbit News JetBlue Helps Customers Tell Their Story With the Launch of a Groundbreaking Brand Program. 30 March 2006. 4- Travel Weekly. Jet Blue Plans Dynamic Package. 21 March 2005. <> 5- The New York Times Company. JetBlue to serve Dunkin Donuts Coffee. 24 January 2006. 6- WCBS TV. JetBlue Adds Cushy Comfort to Red-Eye Flights. 4 April 2006. <> 7- CNN. JetBlue Founder Takes Low-Fare Airline to New Heights. 19 April 2004.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how neeleman differentiated jetblue from other "start-up" airlines with the european airbus a320's fuel-efficiency, cheaper maintenance, and one-class service.
  • Explains jetblue's focus on customer service and comfort, and their dynamic package, which provides direct relationships with hotel, car and cruise suppliers for its customers.
  • Explains how neeleman implemented technology throughout his company in order to gain a competitive advantage against other major and larger airlines.
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