Jesus's Relationship Between Jesus And The Torah

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Throughout the history, Jesus’ and the Torah’s relationship was intertwined. This relationship started at the fall of man where God had a Savior to redeem the all of mankind. This is a promise that is seen throughout the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament, especially with Moses. God promised “a prophet like unto Moses, who would be specially anointed by God as the Savior of mankind.” Jesus was this fulfillment, but it impact the relationship between Him and the Torah. The Hebrews at the time had both a positive and a negative reaction to Jesus’s view on the Torah which later impact catechesis.
“The Messiah was expected to bring a renewed Torah一his Torah...” This was fulfilled with Christ that Paul talked about in Galatians when he spoke of the “law of Christ.” Freedom was at the heart of this message. In Jesus’s message, this freedom was a new way of seeing the law that was already in place, this “new” form of freedom it can be said that
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Jesus’ new interpretation had affected the parent-child relationships but also the whole social structure of the people of Israel. As a part of learning the Torah, the student was called by their teachers to leave home for long periods of time. This helped them to devote themselves to the Torah. This practice “takes the place of genealogy, and the master of the Torah gains a new lineage.” So Jesus founding a new family with broke this social order.
The prophets before Jesus “edit” the six hundred and thirteen commandments given to Moses. David reduced it all of them to eleven, Isaiah made it six, again Isaiah made it to two, and Habakkuk made it to one. So what is brought up is what does Jesus adds? He adds himself. This calls for an outrage because it gives the “eternal Israel” a new direction. This direction calls for “perfection, the state of being holy as God is holy, as demanded by the Torah, now consists in following

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