Jesus The Messiah And The New Testament: Jesus The Messiah

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The New Testament is just an updated version of the Old Testament, which involves Jesus the Messiah. The New Testament is extremely similar to the Old Testament, they both talk about different laws which God has passed down to the people, what God expects and so on. The only difference that seems to take place is that in the Old Testament, God gives the law or passes the law down to the chosen people, the Jews; but in the New Testament, Jesus explains and shows the people how to fulfill God 's laws, how to live by God 's words. Whether we’re talking the Old Testament, the New Testament or maybe even a testament that may come in 50 years, God and his laws seems to be the top priority in religion. Once God states his laws in which he passes down,…show more content…
Jesus explained and described to people the Heavens. Jesus taught others how to love others along with loving yourself as well.The most important message Jesus wished to get across was to live by God’s words. He explains to everyone that these are the rules in which God wants us to live by, but don’t be mistaken, he understands we are not perfect, he understands we will make mistakes, but please, ask for his forgiveness, celebrate the festivities of Yom Kippur and Lent, show God that you truly are sorry for the potential sins you may have committed, but most of all, love one another and love the one and only God. He explains in a way in which I translated, that everyday God watches us, everyday he may judge us, but not necessarily in a bad way. Jesus simply wants us to fulfill God 's laws, love him and ourselves and respect one another, but to be weary. Try to not make huge mistakes, don 't speak of the lord in vain and if one does make a mistake, ask for forgiveness show God you truly are sorry. Jesus wants everyone to know God is loving and truly wants the best for us. To spread the word of God, he chooses 12 disciples to spread the words of
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