Jesus Meaning Of A Rich And Rich Life In John 10: 10

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In the New Living Translation of the Bible the second half of John 10:10 says that one of Jesus’ many purposes was to provide a rich and satisfying life to believers. Regrettably, Jesus’ mention of a rich and abundant life in John 10:10 has come to mean a life full of wealth and material possessions for many modern day followers of Jesus. Not much has changed since the time of the Pharisees as blessings of material wealth are still considered to be signs of God’s favor (Pentecost, 1981). Thus in John 10:10, Jesus’ meaning of an abundant and rich life is in complete opposite of what many believe; hence, a rich an abundant life is one of spiritual wealth rather than material. Although Jesus was never opposed to material wealth, the Pharisees…show more content…
Furthermore, Jesus also demonstrated through this teaching that the poor are not cursed, heaven and hell are both real, and riches have the power to separate a believer from God (Pentecost, 1981). Thus in the case of this parable, the rich man was given one last chance to alleviate one man’s suffering (Lazarus), but in accordance with Pharisaic tradition, the rich man, who enjoyed a life a luxury, saw Lazarus as being cursed and thereby disregarded Lazarus’ needs (Pentecost, 1981). Subsequently, both men died at the same time, and while Lazarus enjoyed eternal life in Abraham’s Bosom, the rich man was sent to eternal damnation in Hades (Luke 16:22-23). Even today many Christian’s believe that heaven can be bought and wealth is a sign of God’s favor; thus as a result of this belief, many Christian’s have bought into the idea of the prosperity gospel. In the secular world, those who are rich continue to overlook the needs of the poor, but as Jesus demonstrated in the teaching of the rich man and Lazarus, a true follower of Christ, regardless of material wealth, will not overlook those who are in need (Pentecost, 1981). Just as Jesus showed offense to the rich man and the Pharisees in this parable so will God be offended if a Christian has the ability to help someone in need and does

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