Jesus Christ Saved Me From Drugs

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The bright rays of the sun wake me up to the start of a beautiful Sunday. I grab my shower, quick before the kids awake. Exiting the bathroom my day gets brighter as I see the rays of my children smiling. I walk over to cupboard, and grab a bag of cereal. then I yell “Who wants cereal.” “I want toast” Yells Aaron. So I get the toast and the cereal. My day gets even brighter, as I look and say “good morning” to my amazingly beautiful wife. We both get all of the kids ready for church. What a start to such a wonderful day. However life has not always been this rosy and beautiful. My children’s way of living was a lot different than my childhood growing up. At age fourteen, we were the biggest marijuana dealers in twon, and I had already been smoking weed for two years. I found such power and enlightenment from drugs, however, that would not last for long. As I got older, and the farther I got into the drug world, darkness seemed to follow me wherever I went. It all started when I was twelve years old. For me seeing Marijuana in my house was not uncommon. I would always see my uncle sitting on the couch with the Wizard in hand smoking his green golden delight. At that age I was a very curious boy so I asked Tom “What is that stuff like?”. He replied “ You are gonna sit here and smoke with me, if you like it you can continue, and if you do not you never have to do it again.” So I tried it, and at the time I loved it. From there on out, life as I knew It got real crazy. My freshman year of high school I started selling drugs for my uncle. I had a group of friends and we all were selling the marijuana. I was also prescribed Ritalin and I figured out that I could also sell that too. Drugs became so important to me tha... ... middle of paper ... ... laws and trying to help people wherever I can. Compared to the life I was living in my addiction where I was trying to hurt everybody, robbing and stealing from them Just to get what I wanted. Long ago I heard, if you can handle the pull God will pull you through it. That is what happened in my life, God had pulled me through the hell I was living. Knowing Jesus, gave me the peace I was seeking throughout my life, and filled that missing void I was trying to fill while stuck in a criminal lifestyle. Today I am happily married, have five children, and on my way to have a college degree. What was a normal childhood for me, is a childhood my own children will not have to live. My children think it is abnormal not to pray when we sit down for meals. I grew up with a bong. they are growing up with a Bible. Jesus Christ has given me a day of redemption.

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