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Our Example This chapter demonstrated the purpose of Jesus on the earth. It shows how Jesus purpose on the earth was to be our savior. Every city or town, he passed, he laid his hands on those in need. He has proved to be humble and kind who never said no to anyone in need. He showed compassion towards others and expected others to do the same thing as him. This chapter taught me that as a nurse, I should be humble and serene when providing care for the patients. There are times when patients are too anxious and don’t want to listen to you. In those situations, I must think of the Lord to provide me amity and the strength to be humble and kind to provide the best care for the patients. His guidance is much needed when you cannot think right in stressful situations. Days of Ministry In Jesus view, wealth or pricey possessions were not necessary for innovation of the work of the God. He did not want to show off how great he was and expected others to do the same thing. Jesus did not discriminate between the rich and the poor. He did not ask followers if they own any wealth. For him,...

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