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Founded 1571 by Elizabeth I with Hugh Aprice. Named after Jesus of Nazareth. Men and Women – Undergraduates 353 Postgraduates 174

A full length portrait of founder Queen Elizabeth I, an echo from a distant past, hangs above students as they eat, reminding them that the colleges has deep and ancient roots. Founded in 1571 Jesus is the only Oxford College to be established in Elizabeth I’s reign and was built on land she provided on which a hall and lodgings for students already existed – White Hall.
The college was born from the commitment and endeavour shown by a merry band of brothers from both Oxford and Cambridge. Membership consisted of lawyers and clergy who were represented by figurehead Dr Hugh Aprice, treasurer of St David’s Cathedral in Wales, officially credited as the founding father. The collective felt there was a real need to train a committed and dedicated clergy to promote the Elizabethan vision of religion in the parishes of England and Wales.
Dr Aprice negotiated the right to choose all college membership including future principals, on the promise of a hefty donation on his death. Despite finance some major building work – the Front Quadrangle (1571-74) his eventual demise revealed a man not quite as wealthy as the college expected or hoped.
Strong Welsh affiliation
Many of the established colleges had regional affiliations and not surprisingly Jesus had firm and purposeful ties with Wales. The powerful men behind Dr Apice also had a strong Welsh leaning with one of their number, Cambridge educated Thomas Huit, translating the Book of Revelations into Welsh – however the language was not encouraged on site.
In 1685 Principal Jenkins left the college a large collection of estates, indeed Jesus seemed adept at ...

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...complexes to accommodate increased student numbers in north and east locations in the city.
Academic hothouse
Jesus is an academic hothouse dedicated to excellence and has a recent history of producing high performing students with one of the best records for first class degrees in Oxford. In 1974 it was among the first five of the male colleges to accept women, with several current fellows being female. Students are selected on a balance of academic achievement and potential, with many coming from state schools. All 353 undergraduates and 174 postgraduates are offered shelter – first years are usually placed on-site with the senior years housed at nearby offsite self-catering flats.
Jesus is now a diverse and international community, offering a wide range of sporting opportunities as well as the chance to participate in the usual music, drama and subject societies.

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