Jessica Watson's Voyage Around the World and Changing of Australia's History

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Essay Question – How has Jessica Watson’s Trip around the World Inspired Young Australian’s to achieve their dreams and how has she changed Australian History through what a female has achieved? On May 15th, 2010, one of Australia’s biggest celebrations occurred when Jessica Watson finished her glorious journey and sailed into the Sydney harbor. After setting sail at 9:30 am, October 18th 2009, Jessica Watson finally finished the voyage that had taken her 210 days and nights. Through her daring endeavour, and at the tender age of sixteen, she has inspired countless Australians and young people around the world to achieve their dreams. A youth, and female too and under the glare of critics around the world, Jessica would never realize until she completed her laborious 210 day long voyage, how she had filled every Australian’s heart with pride and proved once and for all, how you can achieve your dreams. After so long at sea, after such a daring endeavor, she could land back on Australian soil and say that she had changed Australia’s history. Even after all of Jessica’s hard work, her attempt was not even recognized. Even before Jessica returned, she knew that her record would not be officially recognized by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. Sailing purists argued that Jessica did not deserve the record because she did not sail far enough north of the equator and was too young to hold a record, and these specific criteria must be met to earn credit for a full circumnavigation. Nonetheless, Jessica remained headstrong and had the willpower to complete her trip and come into the harbor with her head held high. She and the rest of the Australia knew what a feat she had achieved. When Jessica was asked about the status of ... ... middle of paper ... ...anting to do it all again straight away, but to be honest I think I am ready to come home now.” Jessica Watson had the willpower, courage and bravery to go through with this trip, and only someone with such high standards could accomplish such a feat. Many see her as a hero, but yet, she doesn’t see herself as one. “I do not consider myself a hero, I’m just ordinary girl who believed in her dream.” Jessica Watson has achieved so much. She has been under the glare of the critics being called immature and unqualified, but most of all, some shunned her for the very reason of being young and a female. For the very reason of being a female, Jessica has changed Australia’s history for ever after. By just having the willpower and determination to sail back into Sydney Harbour, Jessica inspired countless young and even old Australians to go for gold, live their dreams.

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