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Pedestrians walked slowly up and down the beat-up pavement. Waiting in my Chevy, I tried to stifle my nervousness. What do I do? I don't know why I was so anxious. It wasn't like I was going to freaking kidnap her or anything, just ask her on a date, and she might not even say yes, I rationalized. I nervously itched the side of my face. Jesse, what have you gotten yourself into? My thoughts continued. I remembered three hours ago, when my plan was foolproof! Foolproof wasn't enough though, because I was the one who had to carry out the plan... Another person hurriedly crossed the street, this time a man in a corporate business suit. This is a really busy corner, I thought distractedly, as she walked out of the Subway carrying sandwiches. God, every movement she made was gorgeous. Absolutely fine. "TWO WORDS, Jesse: Stop it. This is ridiculous. Just ask her out! I still have your hat. I am going to give it to some hobo dude if you don't go ask her out," I hear Alex saying in my head for the umpteenth time. Maybe he was right. Yes, he was. I strengthened my resolve to ask Jillian out. I'd known her forever, so I shouldn't be nervous... Right? Her indigo sweater and blue jeans looked so good on her, perfectly framing her curves... "Seriously! This is ridiculous. I will tell her you like her if you don't ask her out. Yourself. Today." I recall the rest of my conversation with Alex, earlier. An inward sigh overcame me as she got in my old red Chevy. Sometimes I just... No. There was officially no more time for my thoughts to drone on about this. She handed me my sandwich. "Thanks," I said. She nodded. I kicked on the windshield wipers with the now noticeable bit of rain. I didn't know anything else except that... ... middle of paper ... ...And what does that mean???" I replied, "Alex. Chill out!" "No! Now you have to tell me!!!" "Why do you want to know?" "Because, my mind needs things to think about." "You're a weirdo." "Tell me." "Fine, yeah, she's a good kisser." "Great. I'll pass that along," Alex said, smirk fixed into place. "No you won't! Come back here now-- ALEX!" He was already mostly to Bath and Body Works, and pretending to be out of earshot. Stupid. I walked over to the big fountain, near the middle of the mall. I heard a high pitched giggle, like a little girl's. Jilli...? Then rushed footsteps, and then Jillian standing next to me. She looked pretty speechless, which was about how I felt. For a moment, neither of us said anything. We just stood there, studying the shiny coins in the water fountain. I started to say hi, but when I looked up, she was right in front of me.

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