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For this gender-bender paper, I chose to change the oil in my car. Before performing it, I was skeptical because I was afraid to mess something up and have my car not work. Luckily I had my dad there to help guide me through the process. Obviously you don’t usually see a lot of female mechanics when it comes to the auto mechanic industry. I know there are many females that can do it, but being an auto mechanic is a male dominated profession. I wasn’t afraid of actually doing this activity, I was just afraid that I was going to mess it up and I thought that it was going to take an hour or so because I didn’t know the steps.
I have seen my father do this many times to our other vehicles, but I was always hesitant to ask him if I could help him out because I remember him telling me a story about a girlfriend he had in high school who helped him with his vehicle, and he tried teaching her how to change the oil but instead of listening to his instructions, she just added more oil to the already old oil that needed to be changed, which messed up his car completely. And since then he has been pretty careful when letting even my mom help out. He’s not a man who is against women being able to do things that men can do, but he just gets nervous when it comes to changing the oil.
When I finally had the courage to ask him if he would teach me how to change the oil, I was surprised when he said yes. Although I have seen him do this many times, I never really paid attention because I felt that it wasn’t benefitting me. I feel like he was even happy that I had asked. He kept on saying, “it’s important that you learn to do these things because for one, you don’t have to depend on a boyfriend” (which was his main concern) but he also wan...

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...guys can do that” or “only girls can do that”. I also dislike when a person doesn’t have enough self-respect to tell himself or herself that it’s okay to do what they love. It’s important that both sexes know that they can do what they like to do, when they want to do it. They don’t need to listen to what everyone else says. I also know that this is a lot easier said than done because everyone is afraid of what others think.
In conclusion, this gender-bender activity really helped me open my eyes to learning some different “manly” things such as changing the oil in my car. The next activity I want to try doing is playing football. Not just passing the ball around with my brother. I actually want to play a game. Even doing this simple task of changing my oil, I’m more comfortable with attempting to fix things on my car, even if I must ask my dad for help.
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