Jeremy Graves Case Summary

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327 words

On Monday April 11, 2016, at 0851 hours, Officer Jeremy Graves responded to a call of an assault that occurred at 5813 Baseline Road # 81. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with the victim, Dilva Clemente-Castanon who stated that she had been assulted by her husband, Elman Castanon-Miranda. Ms. Clemente-Castanon stated that when her husband came home he was upset about a customer that was inside of the residence buying some food items that she sells. Ms. Clemente-Castanon stated that her husband began to assault the unknown male and once he was able to get away he began to assault her. Ms. Clemente-Castanon advised that Mr. Castanon-Miranda struck her in the face multiple times and choked her until she lost consciousness. Ms. Clemente-Castanon

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how officer jeremy graves responded to a call of an assault at 5813 baseline road # 81. the victim, dilva clemente-castanon, was assulted by her husband, elman castanon-miranda.
  • Narrates how officer osmundson responded to a disturbance at 5813 baseline road # 81. officers received information that mr. castanon-miranda was walking and he was taken into custody.
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