Jeremy Garret's Article Summary: The Controversial Issue Of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing
Animal testing has been a controversial issue for so long. You may hear different opinions from both sides of the argument, which both are trying to convince the other side whether it is right or cruel to use animal testing. Scientists use animals in medical fields and cosmetics-specially the ones with closest gene order to humans-to test new drugs or chemical substances on them and study the result and get to point of what they want. On the other side animal rights activists believe that scientists should not use innocent animals in experiments and it is not moral to see an animal suffer for humans benefit.
Apart from their success in medical field, what if the experiments fails? Are animal experiments necessary? Why is it
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Jeremy R. Garret argues in his article, that animals should have the opportunity to live in good conditions as all humans have, and they should not be treated differently or in a cruel way. In these research, author states “Every year in the U.S, over 25 million animals are used in biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing and science education.” Which means many animals are used for experiments that can lead animals through painful procedures, complex diseases or infections. Animal should not experience a stressful day in lab while it can leave free in wild without suffering from protocols. All of these factors have a part in making animals lives stressful and demanding, not only in medical field but also in many others like testing for…show more content…
Some of these new methods are using organs, tissues or growth cells. They further add that these methods can minimize distress to living creatures. They also mentioned another alternative way that is called “micro dosing”. It means to put a small amount of drugs in the bodies of humane volunteers and observe their effects. By these new methods we can both save animals and human lives in the best possible way which is not expensive too. By providing these Kind of a situation and new alternative methods, I think animal testing can be acceptable but can the quality of the drugs be

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