Jehovah's Witnesses

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I have research about Jehovah’s witnesses; in this paper I am going to be discussing their history, beliefs, customs, practices, and holidays. I am a catholic and we have different beliefs, so I will also give my personal experience and reaction to what I learned about this religion.
Charles Taze Russell, who was born in 1852 and worked in Pittsburgh as a haberdasher, towards the end of the 19th century founded the Jehovah’s witnesses’ movement in the USA. Although they are members of a Christian-based religious movement, Jehovah’s witnesses believe that the traditional Christian churches does not follow the true teachings of the bible and that they do not work in full harmony with god. Due to this rejection, traditional Christian churches do not recognize Jehovah’s witnesses as a denomination of their religious movement.
In 2007 there were about 6.9 millions of active witnesses in 235 countries in the world. Now there are several million more of them around the world. They don’t have churches; they have "Kingdom Halls" instead. Their congregations are usually numbering less than two hundred. Most Witnesses used to be Catholics or Protestants. They are best known for their door-to-door evangelical work; witnesses go from house to house, offering Bible literature and recruiting and converting people to the truth.

Jehovah’s witnesses claim to have the only true religion on earth; because they said that Jesus Christ did not agree with the idea of having many religions, all-leading to salvation. They believe that the father is almighty (all-powerful), and that Jesus was his only direct creation. For them God’s personal name is Jehovah and should be addressed by that name. They base their beliefs only on the text of the Bible and th...

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...oo strict and demanding. I say this because they deprived themselves of many great opportunities by not continuing their education. I also think they are very close minded people when it comes to their religion, I do not understand how can they live separated from the world and what is going on around them. I understand that they are devoted to their religion, but in my opinion they should stop and realize that there is more to the world, that there are people from different religions that have different beliefs. Jehovah’s Witnesses should understand that not everything flows around their interpretation of the bible and God teachings. They should realize to the fact that every religion interprets the bible differently. Finally, they should recognize that they are different ways ones can take to obtain salvation and that everybody’s decision should be respected.
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