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My cell phone and my doorbell rang simultaneously; seeing my neighbor’s number displayed, I assumed it was she at my door. Not the case at all! She was calling to tell me that there were some JWs on the way to my door. Since I’d already opened the door and was standing face to face with them, all I could do was tell her “Thanks, I appreciate your concern.” and hang up.

“Hi. I’m Mary and this is Joe. We are from Kingdom Hall, and we’d like to have a brief study and prayer with you if you have time.” I began to explain that I was a Christian and not interested; then, I remembered that I needed just such an encounter for my final Apologetics assignment. “You know what, I said, sure you can come in. I will be glad to talk with you.” After offering them a seat and something to drink, I made the following request; “I have no problem talking with you; however, it is only fair that I let you know that I have no intention of becoming a JW, but, will use our discussion to write a paper for a class that I am taking.”

At this point Joe became visibly uncomfortable, his body language and facial expression told me that he was not happy with my confession. Mary, obviously the Elder in this duo, however, seemed fine with the conditions set forth. She smiled and said, “That’s fine, Debra. Thank you for being honest with us. We, well I, would love to help you out and answer any questions you may have.” She’d noticed Joe’s response, also.

Our first conversation was a series of questions, asked primarily by me to them; such as, “Why don’t JWs believe in Heaven and Hell? Is it true that you ban members from communicating with their family members if they fail to meet the standards set forth as JWs? Why do you all not believe in t...

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