Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

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Criminal Behavior Analysis Paper: Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer who is called as a psychopathy, a sex offender, a serial killer was born in West Allis, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. He was responsible for serial murders of 17 young males in between the years of 1978 and 1991. He usually picked up victims in the gay bar and had sex with them before killing them. By the summer 1991, he started killing one person every week. He was caught on July 22, 1991 when Tracy Edwards who was a survivor and last intended a victim escaped and shopped him to police officers. The officers arrested him after they found several gruesome items such as human skulls and bones which were polished and preserved in his flat. Internal organs were discovered in the fridge and parts of these had been cannibalized. He sometimes nicknamed as the Milwaukee cannibal or Milwaukee monster, because he committed cannibalism, rape, dismemberment and necrophilia. Interesting thing was that he was not only a homosexual, but also he was necrophilia. He was sentenced to a total of 957years in prison and had been incarcerated his time at the Colombia Correctional Facility in Portage, Wisconsin. He was attacked twice in the time. The first attempt was left simple wounds in his neck. The second attack caused by an inmate led him death on November 28, 1994 (CrimeMuseum, 2014).

Jeffrey Dahmer was a male and committed the first murder when he was 18-years-old in the summer of 1978. He had never married and was a homosexual. He was a middle socioeconomic status and unsuccessful both education and occupation. He worked as a worker at Chocolate factory. He had normal and happy childhood which differed from the childhood of most serial killers. In his family interview of his child...

... middle of paper ... how to avoid detection and eluded from them five times.

Jeffrey Dahmer is not typical serial killer, because he didn’t have physical or sexual abuse in childhood and lower socioeconomic background which represent conventional serial killers. Professionals can not signify reasons enough to explain his several murders, since he was associated with all the elements of serial killer. Not like other serial killers who murder victims and move on to search new victim, his fantasies led him to commit a series of crimes against the dead body. He also liked to keep all the part of victims’ body including brains and skulls in freezer. He sometimes ate them and took advantages of them. The most interesting was he didn’t look like an assaulter or a violator, even he said he didn’t like violence. However, he couldn’t have any kind of relationships with person who was alive.

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