Jeffrey Dahmer Case

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“I started having obsessive thoughts of violence intermingled with sex and it just got worse and worse.” ( These are the words of one of the most notorious serial killers of the twentieth century; Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer committed crimes of murder, rape, necrophilia, dismemberment, and cannibalism. He committed seventeen murders over the course of thirteen years, which consisted of mostly young African American males. However, the people who knew Jeffrey Dahmer were entirely unaware of who he truly was. He fooled family, friends, and even law enforcement into thinking of him as just the guy next door. Attempting to understand Jeffrey Dahmer and the heinous crimes he committed involves understanding his childhood and developmental…show more content…
He was born at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Blanco). During Joyce Dahmer’s pregnancy, she struggled with a series of health problems involving nervous seizures and extreme noise sensitivity. She took a medication by the name of Miltown to subside her symptoms. Although, that medication was thought to be a high risk for birth defects she took as many as twenty-six pills a day. This could have played a significant role in Jeffrey Dahmer’s mental health development during Joyce’s pregnancy and his early childhood years. Joyce also experienced postpartum depression after her pregnancy and on into Jeffery’s early childhood (stopspankingorg). Unfortunately, that resulted in her not being an adequate mother to Jeffrey as he was growing up. Jeffrey’s father was also not fully present during Jeffrey’s childhood because of his work (stopspankingorg). The Dahmer’s marriage suffered immensely due to Joyce’s health issues and Lionel’s absence due to work. The suffering in the Dahmer’s marriage may directly correlate to Jeffrey’s unruly…show more content…
Dahmer says he woke up in a hotel room only to find Steven W. Tuomi, twenty-four, dead (Blanco). He claimed to have no recollection of the murder. He then bought a suitcase to transport his body back to his grandmother’s house. He committed two more murders in 1988, James Doxtator, fourteen and Richard Guerrero, twenty-five. By the end of 1988 Dahmer got his own apartment and not long after was arrested for drugging and fondling a thirteen-year-old boy. He was sentenced to five years, but only served ten months with five years’ probation. In March 1989 he committed his fifth murder, Anthony Sears, twenty-six. This was the first murder, where he kept his victim’s skull (Blanco). Dahmer’s next victim, Ricky Beeks, thirty-three, was murdered in May of 1990. He had sex with this mans lifeless body before disposing of him. Edward W. Smith, twenty-eight, was killed in June of 1990. In September 1990, Ernest Miller, twenty-four, was murdered and Dahmer did something a bit different with his body. He dismembered the body as usual, but he put the biceps in the freezer for later and bleached the skeleton. David C. Thomas, twenty-three, was Dahmer’s last murder of 1990, bringing his murder count to nine men (Blanco). After that the murders became more and more frequent before he was finally stopped in the summer of
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