Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer came into the world at 4.34pm on the 21st of May at the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee 1960. Little did his parents know at the time of his birth that there son would become one of America's most infamous serial killers, not only for the amount of victims which he had killed, but also for dismembering them and his odd tendencies. Jeffrey's childhood started like any other, he had two parents who loved and adored there son dearly. They would give him what ever his heart desired. Joyce Dahmer started a scrap book on her son recording events that happened in his life, his first step, his first accident, his first tooth, his first haircut and even his first scolding. While Jeffrey was still very young his father worked long hours in his laboratory and his mother worked as a machine instructor. But the carrying of Jeffrey had been hard on Joyce Dahmer and every little thing seemed to annoy her. So Lionel being the husband that he was and wanting the best for his wife decided to move to his mothers house in West Allis, but the crack's in the marriage started to show early. There were constant fights between Joyce and Lionel Dahmer and Jeffrey took each of these fights to heart. Little did they realize that there constant fighting would be one of the reasons for Jeffrey's downfall and eventual collapse into deviant crimes. A short time before Jeffrey's fourth birthday, Jeffrey was diagnosed with a double hernia that needed to be operated on. This operation left Jeffrey feeling open and exposed nobody explained to him what was going on. He felt scared by the operation, complete strangers coming up to him and exploring his body. This experience is said to have marked his subconscious forever. But like every little boy of Jeffrey's age he was just like anybody else climbing apple trees, riding his bike and playing in coal dust and coming home dirty. Although he was painfully shy while growing up he over came this in time, and had a normal social life at school. By the time Jeffrey turned six his mother gave birth to a second son who she called David. Though this did not have a dramatic effect on Dahmer's life he stayed pretty much neutral to his brother’s existence and they never became close. By the time of his second son's birth Lionel Dahmer and his family moved into there own house at 4480 West Bath Road, surrounded by open forest where Jeffrey could lose himself in a world of make believe.
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