Jean Watson's Theory Of Nursing Theory In Nursing

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Nursing Burnout

Nursing theory is used to bring many aspects of clarification and guidance to the profession of nursing; the framework can enable the researcher and learner to identify weaknesses and address problems with a systematic approach. For this assignment the nursing theory that will be used is Jean Watson’s theory of human caring; this method highlights the many of the useful aspects that can be applied to the concept of nursing burnout in the profession. The theory of human caring emphasizes the holistic healing environment for patients and staff with an emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit and can be applied to excellence in nursing that shows a reflection of compassion and caring (Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016). The areas
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To create environments that foster a nurturing workplace that values the hard work that nursing professionals are subjected to employers need to highlight the caring environment, individual focus and holistic healing methods that they use for patient satisfaction and incorporate those thoughts and ideas into valuing the nurses that deliver the…show more content…
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