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Biography: Jean Jacques Rousseau, a Swiss-born philosopher, and author. He was born on June 28th, 1712 to Isaac Rousseau and Suzanne Bernard. His childhood was not easy, his mother passed away several days after his birth due to complications, his only brother ran away from home when he was a small child, and his father left because he wanted to avoid imprisonment. Jean was forced to stay with his uncle alone, and he faced many issues there as well. He knew that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in poverty, so with a strong work ethic and determination he sent in an essay and got accepted to an academy where his work was acknowledged. Jean spent a lot of time with his writing because it was something that he enjoyed and found peace within. Most of his famous literature revolved around the idea of poverty since he had so much experience with that. That being said, he sought many opportunities. He attended a Catholic school, where he excelled in music and found a passion for studying Aristotle. He spent hours learning music and created theories for his new discoveries. He enjoyed learning about philosophy, hence, he continued to publish literature prominently based on philosophy and his views. In addition, his literature influenced many philosophers later in his time, such as Karl Marx. Many philosophers were able to learn from him and incorporated his ideas into their own. One can see that Rousseau was a well-rounded person in his education and consequently left a significant impact on upcoming philosophers and theorists. Throughout his lifetime, Jean possessed values that adhered to taking everyone into consideration. He believed the ideal leader was someone who was able to take everyone's opinions into considerat... ... middle of paper ... ...such as taxes, he would gladly support that and make sure that a solution was found. As a believer of natural law, Rousseau adheres to public protests if it guarantees the greater good of the citizens. For example, if taxes are too high for the citizens, Jean would support this because through a life of poverty he understands the difficulty in paying taxes. He would either suggest to implement taxes that everyone is able to pay successfully or suggest that the tax prices be lowered to make them affordable to everyone. He may suggest the idea that the upper class pays more taxes because they possess more money and that the lower classes pay fewer taxes since they have less money to spend. Therefore, one can see that Rousseau would support civil disobedience to ensure that everyone is treated equally and that everyone is content with the decisions that are being made.

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