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Have you ever been out in public and seen someone else’s child misbehaving? What would you do if it was your child? Would you just stand there and watch? Would you ignore the behavior? Or would you step in and set them straight? For children to learn you have to teach. Children like to watch and do what other people do, so if you do not teach them while there young it might not be the best when they grow older. Teaching children sometimes can be hard, but it’s always better to teach them so they can do better next time. Children haven’t been on this world as long as adults so they do not always know how to do things, and what the right thing to do is, that’s why we need to help them.
Jean Piaget was born on August 9th, 1896, in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Jean was his parents first child. His mother was named Rebecca Jackson, and his father’s name was Arthur. Author had a passionate dedication to his studies, a train that Jean began to emulate from the early age. Jean attended Neuchatel Latin High School at the age of 11, while attending that school he wrote a short scientific paper on albino sparrow. By the time he was a teenager his papers on mollusks were being published widely. Jeans readers were unaware of his age and considered him an expert on the topic. After high school Piaget went to study zoology at the University of Neuchatel, receiving his Ph.D. in the natural sciences in 1918. Piaget spent a semester studying psychology under Carl Jung, and Paul Eugen Bleuler at the University of Zurich where Piaget developed a deeper interest in psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris. In 1923, Piaget and Valentine Chateney were married. Piaget and Valentine had three children, Jacqueline, Luccienne, and Laurent whose intellectual develo...

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... gradually matures.
Piaget was a very educated man that has a theory of Children and adults thinking different. Children and adults are showed as now having the same growth because children aren’t as experienced in life as adults. Adults have been able to learn how to solve problems and learn to take care of their needs, as children’s are not. Children are learning as the get older, and will learn as they experience life. Piaget was born on August 9th of 1896 in Neuchatel Switzerland. He studied at the University of Neuchatel, from where he graduated in 1916 at the age of twenty. Piaget received his doctorate of biology at the age of 22. Piaget had his first daughter Jacqueline was born in 1925. Piaget was well know in are of development psychologist.

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