Jean Paul Sartre's Existentialist Belief, We Are Completely Free

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Jean Paul Sartre is a philosopher that supports the philosophy of existentialism. Existentialism is a twentieth century philosophy that denies any crucial human nature and embraces that each of us produces our own essence through our free actions. Existentialists like Sartre believe there isn’t a God that determines people’s nature. So, existentialists believe that humans have no purpose or nature except the ones that they create for themselves. We are free and responsible for what we are and our engagements; even though we are mindful that this can cause agony.
Sartre is one of the constructors of the philosophy of existence that is existentialism. Humans must first be born and exist before they are able to define their essence. He states that there is no universal statement about what humans are. But, there is one overall statement about the circumstances that make us human, which is that we are free. He believes that when we have to make decisions nothing is forcing us to do what we are doing. Which leads to the idea that humans have to take full responsibility for our actions, beliefs and emotions. By being aware that we are free, the responsibility of this can cause “anguish” according to Sartre. One of the most painful thoughts can be that we alone are totally responsible for what happens to us. To avoid the pain of some of the bad decisions we make people can act as if they had no choice and may pretend that they are not free which would make them not responsible. When you act like you were not free and are not responsible is known as having bad faith. That is humans try to convince themselves that outside forces, forces that are beyond control or our conscious mental state helped determine the decisions we made.
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...ns given to us are not ideal, people do have a choice on which one they are going to stick one and the reason we are choosing is because of our experiences that got us there. I also agree that in order to create essence we must first be born. Once we are born we are given the responsibility of creating who we are and who we want to be by our actions. I think it is a good thing for people to feel that they are completely free because then they will take responsibility and action in their lives rather than blaming things on others. By having free will people should be more determined and interesting in shaping their lives and their experiences to make themselves who they want to be, not blame outside sources for who they are. In given circumstances people are still given choice, and it depends on how you choice to act in these experiences that makes you who you are.
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