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Philosophy has been around for a very long time, and there are many famous philosophers that have created theories that we now use today. During the early 1900’s a very famous philosopher was born that we know as Jean Paul Sartre. He was born in 1905, a year the wars broke out. Jean was the only child as the parents of Jean Babtiste Sartre and Anne Marie Schweitzer. His father was a very well known officer in the Navy. His father died while he was still a child. He then went and grew up with his grandfather. He started studying at the École Normale Supérieure in1924 and then graduated in 1929. During his schooling he received his doctorate in Philosophy. A couple years later he became a Professor of Philosophy at Le Havre in 1931. He then taught at the Lycée Pasteur located in Paris from 1937 until 1939. When he was done teaching in 1939 he was drafted into the French army. In the French army he served as a meteorologist. While his time serving he was captured by the German troops in 1940. He was captured and had to serve nine months as a prisoner. His time as a prisoner he spent writing. After he was released and returned to the city, Sartre and many other writers joined with a group which was known as underground group Socialisme et Liberté. The group did not in fact last long, but Sartre decided to continue with his writing in place of participating in active resistance. Shortly after theories and writing he published two of his writings he had been working on. They are famously known as “Being and Nothingness” and “The Flies and No Exit”. The existentialist works that would make him well known. In Europe philosophy, the existentialism varies in a complete different way which was mainly by the existentiliast according to Kants... ... middle of paper ... ...ated and is a similar idea as Kant’s which is known as ‘Kingdom of Ends’. An authentic existence in Sartre’s eyes means two things. The First thing it means is a style of existing. Every moment is apprehensive and you should be fully aware of the absurdity and fragility of its freedom. Second, there is few minimal level of content to any of the authentic projects. Whatever Sartres’ project is, it must always be a project of freedom, for himself and for others. Jean-Paul Sartre’s theories about life and freedom are all something that have interested me. During Sartres life he was known for various things. He was known as a French philosopher, novelist, political activist, playwright, biographer, and literary critic. We know his most for him being most famous in philosophy of existenalism. Knowing he stated mainly about freedom. We are always free to our own beings.

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