Jealousy and Love in The Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank R. Stockton

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Jealousy and Love in The Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank R. Stockton

Women will do almost anything for love, to be loved, or to keep love. That is their mission. When women become jealous, however, the love they want to hold onto disappears, becomes selfishness, and one does not know if it is love anymore. In the short story “The Lady, or the Tiger?” written by Frank R. Stockton, a semi barbaric princess motions which door her lover, the accused man, must open to either receive punishment or a reward. The punishment is to be devoured by a fierce tiger and the reward is to be married to a lovely damsel of the court. This semi barbaric princess loves the man and chooses which door the man deserves to open. Like many women in love, this princess would not dare to let another woman take her lover away from her. Instead, jealousy takes over and the door that opens will emerge a tiger because she will go berserk to see her man happy with another woman, and will prefer to have him eaten by a tiger and await the princess herself on a heavenly earth.

According to Frank R. Stockton, he states, “How in her grievous reveries has she gnashed her teeth and torn her hair, when she saw his start of rapturous delight as he opened the door of the lady” (150). Obviously, this describes her frenzied actions as the lovely damsel appears at the door on the right. If she leads her lover to the door with the damsel behind it, this princess will be green with envy to see him happily marrie...
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